Why Tag Along?

A very important distinction needs to be made. These definitions were taken directly from the interwebs which, of course, is the absolute authority on everything, dontchaknow :

Tagalong (n. all one word): one that persistently and often annoyingly follows the lead of another

Tag along (v. separate words!): to follow another’s lead especially in going from one place to another

See the difference? The last thing I want to be is an annoyance!

Thus I am a Tag Along Vagabond, not a Tagalong Vagabond.  Whew! I feel better about getting that out there.

Now, Why am I writing this? Well, its a long story, which is best told in short spurts, I think…  basically, being in my late 50’s and growing increasingly tired of the day-to-day routine, I am constantly imagining and re-imagining how great retirement could be. Yeah, me and every other 50+-er out there…big deal, who cares?

I am hoping you will care and are like minded. I want to share some of my saner imaginings (stay in my mortgage free house for the rest of my life) and perhaps not so sane (subsistence homesteader, somewhere…yeah, I watch discovery channel too much!)

But mostly I think this space will be more for me to figure things out, make plans and gather ideas and info. About what you ask? Read the fine print below the title way back at the top of this page…

And I hope you will Tag Along.

OK, inserted here, obligatory cute animals to make you go “awwwh” and want to read more….


Meet Soren & Frazz. Mini Aussies, brothers from the same litter, never been separated and retired since birth, lucky dogs.  Every morning when I leave for work I remind them that I am going off to the salt-mines in order to pay for their kibble, and I advise them to not strain themselves sleeping.  You will undoubtedly see them here constantly.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom! Tomorrow: How I got to the FTRV (full time RV living) retirement mindspace.



5 thoughts on “Why Tag Along?

  1. I went back to school at 50 to change my employment…the economy got in the way and I had to go back to the old job. SIGH…but now, at 61 I’m RETIRED!!!! You can do it!!! Looking forward to reading more of your story. (Found you at RV SUE’s comments)

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      • No I don’t do RV at all…we’re in a tent. I WANT to do full time RVing…but my husband doesn’t camp at all and things RVs are a waste of money. So we’re going to have to see how all that turns out! Meanwhile Katie and I camp when we can, though I have to say, getting up out of bed when it’s on the ground, even on an inflatable mattress, is getting harder with age!


      • my hubby said he would never camp but I have gotten him to go a couple weekends in the past two summers…that’s a long way from full-time! But I have a few more years to work on him 🙂


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