Thus Far…

As a kid I went on a few camping trips – with other Girl Scouts in tents and also with an Uncle who would take me along as a free babysitter for his young kids (not a complaint, loved it!)  He had a pop-up that he towed with a ford Pinto, an amazing feat when I think about it now as pop-ups were much heavier back then, and his was definitely a larger one, pullouts on each end and dinette in center. Poor Pinto!

My folks also had a travel trailer (Holiday Rambler) that was permanently parked at an RV camp near Hampton Beach, NH.  I didn’t ever really consider that camping so it had actually slipped my mind until just now!

Fast forward, no camping for about 20 years.

Then, with two kids (age 7 and 4 at the time) I decide to buy a tent and field camp at a local folk festival for three nights in order to enjoy some great music and introduce my boys to camping.  I also buy us each a sleeping bag, one big cooler, then throw some food and the kids in the car and off we go.

That first night was chaotic! I had not thought about what we might sit on or how we might see anything after the sun went down, particularly inside the porta-potties which were precariously propped up against old tree stumps. The win from that night was that my four year old son finally appreciated his ability of standing to pee.

Thankfully we had chosen a camp spot next to some kindly folkies who gave us a flashlight, WATER (duh!), supplemented our food and even loaned a camp chair.


Contra Dance tent at FRFF

Despite my unpreparedness, we had a blast, hiking down the hill to watch live music, learning to contra-dance under a giant tent with a wooden dance floor and playing Toy Story UNO on the cooler in our tent before bedtime while the hanging flash light swayed overhead, casting pendulum shadows on the inside of the tent. Sigh. That weekend is one of my favorite memories of time spent with my kids.

And another shot of my fur kids…


To Be Continued – How I got to the FTRV (full time RV living) retirement mindspace.


3 thoughts on “Thus Far…

  1. My parents took us tent camping as kids too. There were 4 of us. Don’t know how they did it. They did, however, remember to bring flashlights. Long long long before cell phones used as flashlights of course. Do any of your kids camp now?


    • My two boys don’t actively camp now (they are 27 and 23now) but when I bring it up they are always wanting to. I evolved to a Coleman pop-up for awhile but had to let it go after a fiasco (blog post someday soon!) — but the boys LOVED the pop-up once we got it. Am back to tent now myself, but find that the tents are much better than they used to be!


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