We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Rambling…

Enough with the exposition..lets talk STUFF today.  We’ll get back to my story tomorrow.  And I hope YOU will comment below and share your current camp stuff! Please! We are in this together…I show you mine, you show me yours.

Current camping inventory: Coleman Flatwoods II 6-person tent.Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 10.18.37 AM I have had many tents in the past few years. I love THIS tent.

Why? I can stand up in it! Most of the top half (under fly) is screen so its extremely well ventilated and minimal condensation in the morning, inside. No damp socks, clothes blankets, etc.!

But most importantly: see the bottom “tray”? It is the bottom of the tent, waterproof, that extends up the sides! I have used this tent in multiple downpours as well as longer lasting rainy days and not ONE DROP OF WATER EVER LEAKED IN. And that is without having a canopy or other lean-to type protection overhead or extra tarp underneath.

Sure, its a warmish-month only tent but currently that’s the only time I can camp. And NOT what I am wanting for long term camping trips. I do 2-3 nights only in this.

On another day I will tell you about the little pop-up that got away…or as it is referred to The Apocalyptic Critter Event.  Suffice to say, I am a tent-er for now.

Since my FTRV plan will take many years to actualize here is what I aspire to in the meantime:

Cue the angelic chorus rising to a crescendo…and NOW: A T@B (google it…)TB_awning

Doesn’t have to be red…but I prefer the clamshell version with outside kitchen on the back and more room inside. It’s SO CUTE it hurts…and light enough that my Subaru Forester can pull it.

OK, lazy butts…here is the URL if you didn’t google it: https://tab.nucamprv.com/

Time to show me yours!


One thought on “We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Rambling…

  1. Well, as you know we tent too. I have a 4 person Eureka tent. I can also (almost) stand up in it and that was a criteria when I bought it. I had a Coleman 3 or 4 person tent that I loved because it had a little window near the floor that Katie-girl the sheltie loved to sleep in front of. BUT, it had the wimpiest poles and the poles to hold the rain fly up and away from the door kept breaking. Got a new set and those broke first time too. The whole thing was a pain to put up, and with broken poles I just got over Coleman totally and refused to buy another one. Love the Eureka, but liked some things about the Coleman that I no longer have…like pockets for little things to keep them off the floor. Still…I think the Eureka is sturdier with heavier poles. Just my opinion. Other than that I don’t have much. A cooler that’s so so. I mostly use paper grocery bags to carry stuff. I think about a stove or a table top grill…but can’t seem to spend the money. I mostly eat cold stuff, since it’s just me it’s easier to be less organized about food.


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