Ahh, The Interwebs…!

I am a total Tag Along, not only in concept, but due to my arriving at this idea so long after many others.

My lightbulb moment happened when I followed a link to a YouTube on the Gidget – a sweet little teardrop camper from Austrailia.

I love the pullout in the back, but really think I want to be able to stand up inside my next camp vehicle.  And they are expensive, since the only ones available have to be imported from Australia.

While watching I noticed the “suggested videos” off to the right, in particular one posted by CheapRVliving.  Clicking on one brought up the mother-lode of videos from Bob Wells & Cody on so many topics. Also it hooked me up to his website/blog: http://www.cheaprvliving.com/

I jumped around, watching a few “episodes” and in one video (can’t remember now WHICH one, sorry!) a woman that Bob was interviewing about how she got into the FTRV lifestyle said something about being inspired by RVSue. For some reason that stuck with me and I later googled it and found RVSue and Her Canine Crew

I was captivated by her story! I am the type of person that never skips ahead to the ending of anything, book, movie, etc. , so started reading RVSue’s blog from the first entry. I am still catching up, just got to January of 2014, but am hooked.  And have discovered many other blogs/forums/resources for the FTRV lifestyle through her site. Well done, RVSue, and THANK YOU!

NOTE: Bob also has a great forum running off of his CheapRVliving site: VanDweller Community Forums. I have poked around and am headed there now to register & join. Maybe I’ll see you in the Newbie section!

4 thoughts on “Ahh, The Interwebs…!

  1. Well, RVSue is where I found you! 🙂 I’ve never read her early posts…I guess now that I’m retired I’d have time to do that. But I’ve been following her for years and am inspired by her too. She was one of the first blogs I read written by individual women…made me realize you didn’t have to do this as a couple. I still toss around using a RV or a trailer, the trailer towing and backing up thing is a bit intimidating…but I think I’d want to explore each location too much to drive my entire home around with me, so I’m now leaning more toward some sort of trailer. You know if you buy a Casita you can give a referral fee to Sue or any other casita owner, the company pays it to them.

    You might be interested in Intersteller Orchard too: http://www.interstellarorchard.com/ Also a single woman in a Casita, this one is working to support herself as she travels. Also Dewell Designs, http://dewelldesigns.blogspot.com/#axzz4toARSy7F, a woman and her dog traveling in the SW in a RV. And I just met (literally met her this summer) Wandering Spirit who is traveling with two dogs in a Casita, https://onewanderingspirit.wordpress.com/. Each of them gives you a different perspective, but what you figure out is that it is possible to follow your dream!


    • Ooo, thanks for the additional blog references! I do appreciate the different perspectives and “voices” out there. Will check them out right away. Am having such fun discovering this all 🙂
      So far in RVSue (i am half way through 2015) she has mentioned 2 checks from Casita for referrals but I bet she is their number one sales pitch (I mean that in the best way possible!)


    • I am doing well, thanks! Have been reading so many blogs and still gathering info — amazing how much info is out there. I am going to do a Walktober post soon. Have not found the right combo of weather and time-off to make it work yet!
      take care!


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