Already Derelict

Yup. Started out dedicated last week, posting everyday, making this blog/diary thing work for me in terms of “thinking out loud” and sharing that with the world.  Not my usual style, but quite therapeutic.

So then I sign up for the forums on and between that and still catching up with RVSue (currently at June 21, 2015 – cried my eyes out over Spike’s passing), I have fallen down a deep hole of INFORMATION GATHERING.

AND WHOA! Everyone has a blog these days. I work in IT and have avoided the blogosphere since it began, so was shocked at the number of personal blogs out there…but its great too. I am connecting with more people everyday and learning so much…thanks to all for YOUR dedication to writing and sharing!

So yeah, I have been reading more than writing. And keep changing my mind about what I think my ultimate FTRV rig needs to be.

Disclaimer: this will never happen but…

While out for a ride over the weekend I pulled up to a stop light behind an RV pulling a car. Couldn’t see much other then the grill of the Honda CRV being towed and your basic RV back-end.

2017_LeisureTravelVans_SerenityBut, since my mind is now preoccupied with all things campy, I watched closely as they swung a right hand turn in front and saw the name SERENITY across the rv’s side. Nice looking rig AND the name of the transport ship from one of my favorite tv shows! This has gotta be a sign.

So later that night I look it up online. What a glampy “touring van” it is! And WAY OUTSIDE my lifestyle budget! But SWEET…and day dreaming is free.

Q for the day: What tv show am I referencing above? First one to post the answer in comments below WINS!



3 thoughts on “Already Derelict

  1. Well… I have no idea what show as I don’t watch much TV other than HGTV! 🙂 I do the same thing. When I’m driving and a RV or a trailer catches my eye I try to memorize the name (hard to do at my age for more than about 15 minutes) and then I look it up. They are almost always so expensive I have to wonder where people get that sort of money! Maybe I’ll find the perfect thing used someday when I’m ready.

    Don’t worry about not posting every day. You should be posting mostly when you have something you need to get recorded, or something you can’t wait to share. Or something that makes you smile. Or cry.

    We all cried our eyes out about Spike. Funny how you can love a dog you’ve never met. I still think of him whenever I see a good soaking creek, no matter where I am.


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