Calling Wannabes!

Obviously there has been quite the lag between posts here! I have fallen deep down the rabbit hole of research, reading, looking and even checking out some options locally.

I have been spending the most time on site, making some new virtual friends and realizing there are so many folks out there that are in the same holding pattern as I am – working that 9-5, living in a sticks&bricks, and yearning for retirement or at least part-time escapes until full time is possible.

So I am going to try and breathe more life into this site as a place for wannabes to share and chat. And I need to do more of my own stream of consciousness sharing to keep it going too.

And, of course, post more pics of the boys! (If you are landing on this page first and want more of my back-story, use the Previous link at the top, right to cycle back through earlier posts.)sfsquare

So where is my head after all this research?

Still wanting a T@B for the short term (i.e.  until retirement!)

I went to see a used one at a dealer a couple weeks ago while in a far off town on other business (no dealers near me!)

Although the pics online line looked great, reality was a little disappointing. A bit of body damage and probably a roof leak made me walk away.  But I did get to check out a brand new one, in the exact floorplan I want and standing in it made me so happy…I still think this is my best interim option, just gotta get there.

Long term? I am seeing myself in a short Class C.  My current list-topper is a Minnie Winnie 22R. No slide outs, just a well laid out box on wheels, completely self-contained. Yup. minwin22r

I def could make this work!

So I am asking you to share your dreams here too! Its fun to dream and it does not cost a penny!

6 thoughts on “Calling Wannabes!

  1. I am in a similar boat. I am retired and on disability so my budget is a joke at best. My credit has been beat to death after stage IV head and neck cancer treatments.
    I have found a loan for $7500 that will get me on the road, it will be tight.
    I am driving myself up a wall with this as I swore I would actually live life and not just exist until I die. I will be leaving a relationship, but she hasn’t done anything wrong….that’s going to be rough.
    Anyways, I hope to be on the road before Christmas.

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    • Hi Bill
      Just take it a day at a time, it will come together – maybe not your dream rig, but something that will work to get you started.
      What kind of vehicle are you thinking about?


  2. Just found this site, I’m a wanna be also, life has tossed me a curve ball that I shoulda seen coming. Now that in staring at retirement I can live in a sticks and brick but not do anything or go anywhere. So I plan on moving into a RV of sorts ASAP and save for the next few years until social security kicks in. Then I’ll hit the road and never look back.

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      • I have had numerous RV’s the quality and workmanship is just a joke. To get something that will last would cost me $150,000 and up. I’m trying to really simplify my life and I’m looking at converting an old Penske box van. I found this blog on CheapRV. Have you checked out Dreamsideout on YouTube? That is basically the direction I’m heading but adding a few things and changing a few around.

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      • I agree, the current cost versus quality in most of the mass produced RVs is ridiculous. I feel like I can improve/upgrade any interior so I am prioritizing the engine mechanics over every thing else. I can do simple maintenance but not major breakdown stuff. So first will probably invest in a good tow vehicle. My Subaru can pull a T@B, but for long distance I really need something bigger. Thanks for the Dreamsideout ref – I had not stumbled across that series.


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