BRRRR…February, but Yay!

Just past the chaos of the holidays and through the bleakness of January we come to my favorite month: February.  This year my month started off abysmally, wrangling the Mardi Gras flu. No, not a specific strain, just what I am calling it as it bushwhacked me while in New Orleans for work. Eight days later and I am almost feeling normal, if I could only complete a sentence without hacking up a lung.

But I digress…let’s get back to the wonders of February.  Why do I love thee so?

  1. Its time to book the best camping! One of my favorite campgrounds is Salisbury State Park, on the coast of of Massachusetts. And my favorite month THERE is August. With a six-month blackout, February is the month to book it!  Salisbury is situated on a point where one side is ocean and the other river. dogs2-salisburyIn high season dogs are not allowed on the ocean beach but the river side is wide open and the puppers just love it.  When the tide is out there is such an expanse of sand and shallow water for them to run and play in, they go crazy.


And pass out back at camp, exhausted!


Our favorite time of day at Salisbury is sunrise. Hardly a soul stirring and beauty beyond words.


2. The Springfield RV & Camping Show is in February! This is my chance to crawl in and out of the latest, greatest rigs, dream a bit, and discover ingenious camping STUFF.  Having recently decided my ultimate FTRV rig would be a short Class C (22-25 ft max) I am super excited to kick the tires on a few of these and see what’s what.

3. Need I remind you February is a short month? Enough said.

4. Oh yeah, my birthday is in February!  Happy Birthday to me! I am celebrating by adding to my camping accoutrements:


A sweet little beach cabana! This one is tension sprung, pops up in seconds and folds down completely flat, all self contained.




screenhouseAnd a new canopy/ screen house to replace the one that got trashed in a freak wind storm a couple years ago. I really missed it last year.

Thought I would try this extended shape. If I end up in days of non-stop rain my tent would actually fit underneath quite nicely, for some extra rain protection.

So YAY for February, the best month!

IMG_2140See you at the beach!